Weddings Civil and Simbolic

Matrimoni Civili e Simbolici

Civil Wedding Hall

The presence of flowers even if in lesser quantity and more discrete than in a church, are however indispensable to give a touch of colour and joyfulness to the civil ceremony. Even the external floral decorations for us florists have their own importance……a series of candles …… rose petals….. cones filled with rice….. all help in creating a magical atmosphere for the bride and groom


Weddings in Villas and Castles

In recent years couples are more frequently choosing suggestive locations for the celebration of their wedding ceremony. In a marvellous setting of its own, its is the task of us flower designers with our ideas and inspiration to create a decoration of flowers that will enhance even further the beauty of the venue itself
With this in mind, transparent fabrics such as organza, rolls of carpet, floral archways, candles…. all become indispensable objects for us florists in the creation of an elegant and refined …… fairytale setting


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